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place of birth

1951 Regensburg



Pullach i. Isartal


Masterschool for fashion in Munich

Diploma in fashion and graphic design


Graphic Designer

painting courses

Watercolor painting

Hanna Neureuter, Regensburg

Acrylic painting, Pencil and charcoal drawing

Aleksandar Kolenc, Munich 

Acrylic painting

Eva Großhennig, Munich

Art academy Bad Reichenhall

Stephan Geisler| Beate Bitterwolf | Richard Allgaier

About Me

Throughout my life it has been my desire to find a language of art that corresponds to my personality…to find my own personal way to express my thoughts and feelings in art. Having finished the Munich Meisterschule für Mode with a diploma in Fashion and advertising design I worked with several advertising agencies. The desire for family and the upbringing of three daughters had the desire for art fade into the background. Nowadays I live and work in Pullach i. Isartal, a village south of Munich, Bavaria. The need to become creative and to express myself in art is present again. My work usually starts without a fixed (specific) idea, I don’t know where the journey will take me, I just let myself drift…With pencils, oil pastels and acrylic paint I work on all kinds and textures of paper and cardboard and canvas. During the painting process I put several layers of paint next to and on top of each other. Lines, first placed randomly, rhythmically, then purposefully finally shape the surface. The result is a narrative guide (?), a kind of poetry. It may well be chaotic, because perfection and accuracy are not important to me, but rather breaking out of convention (….breaking the rules) I like to tell about forgotten everyday things and figures and alienate them. Creative painting has become a vital motor for me, even an a passionate addiction.  



Orangerie Englischer Garten, group exhibition


open atelier Claudia Pirron


Orangerie Englischer Garten, group exhibition

Mohrvilla Freimann, group exhibition


district office Munich, group exhibition

open atelier Claudia Pirron


civic center Unterföhring, group exhibition


open atelier Kiki Kleist v. Bröckel


district office Munich, group exhibition


district office Munich, group exhibition

district office Unterföhring, group exhibition


Säulenhalle Landsberg/Lech, group exhibition


elementary school Bayrischzell, group exhibition

Ganserhaus und Rathaus Wasserburg, large art exhibition


Seeresidenz Seeshaupt, single exhibition

Bürgerhaus Pullach, group exhibition


medical center Harlaching München, group exhibition


producer gallery München, single exhibition

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